Introducing “The Truffle Tree”

Everyone does cake for their wedding, why not do something fresh, like truffles!

Our Truffle Tree offers you the ability to choose 6 different flavors of our handmade fresh confections to give your wedding that WOW factor. They’re displayed on a handmade steel “tree” produced by our good friend Jason Radcliffe (

We also offer custom flavors. Say you’re obsessed with Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches and your honey loves Kona coffee. We can create two flavors based on those items especially for you!

Call today to set up your appointment to discuss your culinary future together!

Lilly Truffle Tree Prices & Sizes
Truffles 360 pieces 525 pieces 660 pieces 810 pieces
Feeds 100 – 120 people 130 – 175 people 180 – 220 people 230 – 270 people
Price $725 $1025 $1295 $1575
*Prices include all truffles, “cake topper”, set up and delivery and a six piece assorted box on your one year anniversary!*

Luxe Wedding Favors

Impress your guests with your fabulous palate! Give them a box of Lilly Handmade Chocolates to remember your special day. We can even create a special custom flavor for your party of love!

They come wrapped in our standard band of paper with a pink damask pattern that mimicks the beautiful wallpaper in our shop! If you’d like to customize your box with a different band, we can find something extra special for you (there is a $.10 per favor up charge for custom banding).

Luxe Wedding Favors Prices & Sizes
favor size 2 piece box 4 piece box
Price $4.25 $7.50