Chocolate is always a winner in any situation, and nowhere is it more apparent than for special occasions. Chocolates and flowers are technically overused, but there are always inventive ideas you can use to surprise anyone you choose. Without further ado, here are some great gift ideas you can use with chocolate.j

Chocolate Door Hangar

Now, picture the scene. It’s a small basket containing a little bit of chocolate and wrapped around a doorknob by a beautiful white ribbon, all to give you a sense of “There is more to come” once you enter the door! Now, I should emphasize that the chocolate door hangar introduces something more significant, so you can only use this gift idea if you have a bigger surprise that can dwarf the chocolates. You can use this idea in settings such as honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Chocolate door hangars lean on the more romantic side, so it is quite effective in those situations.


A Chocolate Christmas Tree

Okay. Hear me out. It’s not a literal “chocolate tree” or a Christmas tree with chocolates hanging by; it is quite simply a box of chocolates shaped to look like a Christmas tree that is vertically mounted up a wall. It is perfect for, obviously, Christmas, as the holiday spirit won’t go out for the whole weekend when you have a chocolate Christmas tree next to your actual Christmas tree, and your relatives who come over to see you won’t stop raving about your chocolate Christmas tree once they get back to their homes. For cultures that do not celebrate Christmas, the good news is that the triangle-shaped chocolate boxes will still be an excellent gift idea regardless.


Chocolate Bouquet

The chocolate bouquet is a perfect way to show your partner that you will not burden her with dead flowers by the end of the week. Instead, you are giving her a lot of chocolate in a bouquet, and that is way too cool for school!


Small, Custom-painted box of treats

Now, everything can’t be all romantic and holiday-based. Making a small box decorated with beautiful colors and filled with chocolate will be a very welcoming gesture. This can be used when you receive new neighbors into your neighborhood, whenever it is a colleague’s birthday, or in general as a welcome gift.


The Classic: A Chocolate Gift Basket

Now, this is a classic! It hasn’t been changed in design in forever but has only been improved upon. The gift basket constantly sheds warm sunny light on the individual who gives it as a gift and has been used for so long. Nowadays, you have gift baskets of many kinds, but know that the chocolate gift basket never disappoints if you ever run out of ideas.